Hellowrs Aptitute Test Papers

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Hellowrs Infotech Solutions PVT LTD

E-Visiting Card: Hellow Jobs :

Leave a lasting impression on your client with your personal, one of it’s kind, E-visiting card.
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Now Post and apply for jobs across the industry and manage the related docs right from your hellowrs account.
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Hello Docs: House Pool:

Get your personalized webspace to store /share important documents without needing to worrying about the privacy of the content or info.
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Hellowrs.com introduces Flat sharing solutions to its professionals, where Hellowrs' users can search for flat sharing online.
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Car Pool:

Hellowrs.com introduces car sharing solutions to its professionals where Hellowrs’ users can search for car pooling online, it’s a secure way to share your car with professionals and start a safe earning via this innovative platform.
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A unique and fully secured, fast and simple mailing service. It’s a very own swadeshi emailbox, Mailhind.com; uses advanced Encrypted mails to ensure utmost security and privacy against hackers and other cyber crimes. It’s unique virtual postal ticket system which ensures confidentiality and personalization; built for the Indians by Indians.
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